The Alliance for Toll Innovation was created to facilitate collaboration between toll operators from across the world to learn and standardize industry practices to provide best-in-class platforms and customer experience

Who We Are


Entrepreneurs of platforms to enable future mobility for toll collection


Advocates for emerging mobile payments to provide customers more connectivity


Collaborators to share best practices on how to evolve the toll industry

What We Focus On

toll system platforms

Platforms enable toll agencies to build systems that allow timely integration of new systems and products. Platforms are everyday tools that include things like social media and Microsoft Teams. Platforms enable organizes to grow and meet business needs while users participate in product priorities and needs.

mobile payments

With the continued high adoption rates of smart phones worldwide, mobile payments become more necessary for consumers and businesses. Mobile payments will drive e-commerce solutions and provide customers and drivers more options. Toll agencies must look at emerging mobile payments to adapt to this emerging technology.


As a community of industry leaders, ATI will be a catalyst for collaboration. Our goal is to foster user groups to share information that will standardize industry approach to acquisition, implementation and maintenance and operations of its revenue management systems.

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